I have a confession to make:  I have always loved magic.  My earliest memories of
magicians and the magic they perform come from watching The Ed Sullivan Show
on Sunday nights and Johnny Carson's Tonight Show anytime I could talk my
way into staying up late.  At the age of six or seven I received my first magic set,
a rather simple affair as I recall.  But the contents of that box opened up a whole
new world, a world that would take its place along side GI Joe, Matchbox Cars,
and Hot Wheels.

Over time GI Joe and Hot Wheels transformed themselves from toys scattered
around the floor into collectibles safely stored away on a shelf.  However, my
interest in magic  remained strong.  Uncle Maurice supplied me with books on card
magic, my first Svengali Deck, and other items including the classic Nickels to
Dimes, all of which I still have in my collection.  I loved reading magic books and
the biographies of magicians from the early to mid 1900's. Their stories of
traveling from city to city with trunks and crates of magical paraphernalia,
entertaining thousands of people in grand old theaters on the vaudeville circuit
captured my imagination.

In spite of my love for the magical arts, becoming a professional magician never
entered into my mind.  I was cursed, it seemed, with an overwhelming sense of
practicality and pulling rabbits from hats had a very low practicality quotient
indeed--at least in my mind.

So when the time came, it was off to college to earn a degree in business.  After
that, a 20 year career in banking.   John Kenneth Galbreath once said that
"banking is a career from which no one ever fully recovers."   I think he was
right.  Once this stark reality set in I decided that it was time to toss caution to
the wind, say goodbye to my personal demon of practicality, and embrace the
popular advice of the day:  do one thing that you really love and do it as well as
possibly you can.

So here I am , many  years after my first encounter with those TV magicians,
doing my best to connect with audiences using the mysterious art of magical
entertainment.  Thanks for stopping by!

John Weaver
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